The logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. I do not promise uploads during the activity but I will try to upload ASAP.

PREFERRED WAY: Online QSL Request System (OQRS)

Please DO NOT send me your card if possible. Instead, please use the Online QSL Request System (OQRS) that I will put on this page. The OQRS can be used for both direct and via-the-bureau requests. If requesting direct cards, please use PayPal. Because of PayPal fees I request a minimum of $3, but I will provide the envelopes and you also save on postage you would otherwise have. Bureau requests, or requests without sufficient funds for postage will be answered via the bureau.

REQUEST YOUR QSL CARD HERE: http://za.ha5x.hu/oqrs.html

Direct QSL by mail

The use of OQRS is the preferred method for QSL requests. However, if for any reason, you cannot use OQRS, and you decide to send me your QSL direct by postal mail, please try to follow the below suggestions:
  • Please include $2 with every direct QSL request for up to three cards per envelope. Unfortunately the traditional "green stamp" -- i.e. US $ 1.00 -- no longer covers the cost of international postage.
  • If you send International Reply Coupons (IRC), please make sure that it is not expired or is not about to expire. DO NOT SEND IRCs that were valid only until end of 2009!
  • If possible, the return envelope should be C6 size (162 x 114 mm) or C6/C5 size (229 x 114 mm) and NOT marked for AirMail or Priority. Any other size envelopes cost extra postage. If you do not have access to such envelopes, I prefer a self-addressed label which I can stick on the envelope myself.
  • Requests without sufficient funds will be replied via the bureau.
The address for direct mail is as follows:
Krisztián R. Hildebrand
H-1038 Budapest
Blanka koz 4/G

Bureau cards

Again, OQRS is the preferred method for requesting your cards. Please fill the OQRS form and I will send you the card via the bureau. Using the form for bureau cards is free of charge. If you want a bureau card, please use the online form and DO NOT SEND me cards via the bureau if possible.