We are again on holiday in Albania between 28 June-14 July, 2011. As part of the fun, I will also try to be active on amateur radio. But it is not a DXpedition, please bear with me. All HAM operation is done for the sheer fun of it, and should not interfere with the family.


  • Chris, HA5XA (also licensed as HA5X, M0XXA, WW1WWW, SI5I, 7S6S, etc.)
  • Márta, HA9WM
  • Anna (6 years old)
  • Zsófi (6 years old)


ZA/HA5X: Our base in Albania is the town of Orikum, in the Bay of Vlora. From here we plan to make excursions to various other places in Albania. I do not know what possibilities I will have at our rented apartment for amateur radio this year, so I am also planning battery operation from various locations.

ZA/HA5X/p: I will sign /p if operating portable. If there are any WFF/LHOTA or other IDs, I will let you know ON AIR! Please do NOT trust the DXcluster, some people tend to spread wrong info.


  • IC7400, FT897 (backup), handheld TCVR to keep contact with ZA/HA9WM :-)
  • 85Ah battery + charger
  • Simple wire antennas
  • HLA300 300W solid state linear
  • Asus eeePC netbook for logging and RTTY
  • MicroHAM keyer/interface